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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Good defensive game grind out game. I think the Knicks did a better job on the boards. I think Doc messed up the rotation though he should have went to Sullinger.

We are killing Melo I dont know if he can play like this the whole season. Something has to change on the offensive end. His scoring is difficult even though it's versatile. I do think he should be getting more calls but I think the Knicks cry over every call which annoys me. I think he needs the FT's to preserve him.

I am concerned about the 4th quarter line up of Kidd, Jr, Shump, Melo, Chandler. This is a light undersized lineup. BUT lets see what happens when Felton is back. The Knicks need to find a C/PF to replace Camby or Sheed.
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