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Default Re: Design the optimum team around Kobe Bryant

PG - Derek Fisher (2007-08, never made an All-NBA team)
SG - Kobe Bryant (2007-08 MVP, 1st Team All-NBA)
SF - Scottie Pippen (1993-94, 1st Team All-NBA)
PF - Rasheed Wallace (2003-04, never made an All-NBA team)
C - Pau Gasol (2009-10, 3rd Team All-NBA)

Bench - Lamar Odom (2010-11 6th Man of the Year), Trevor Ariza (2008-09), Jordan Farmar (2009-10), Robert Horry (2001-02), Rick Fox (2000-01), Devean George (2001-02), Shannon Brown (2010-11)


All of the players above apart from Pippen and Sheed have played with and won a championship with Kobe, so they know his play style and tendencies and what it takes to win with him. I put Pippen in because I wanted another great defender, and Sheed to give Pau a little bit of space and also to toughen him (and the team) up. I went with Derek Fisher because on a team with Kobe and Pippen, you don't need a ball dominant PG.

Fish has played with Kobe for a total of about 13 years, and they got drafted together. When Shaq left (and Fish returned), they were co-leaders. Then Pau came, earned Kobe's trust and became another team leader. Scottie Pippen was a team leader on the Bulls both with and without Jordan. Some say Sheed put the 04 Pistons over the top. Lamar Odom was amazing of the bench that year, and all of those bench players play with energy.
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