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Default Re: Can someone explain to me...

Originally Posted by letshaveacorona
the average fan doesnt play in the games so they have the ability to hope fo losing games based on draft considerations. the players play for pride and want to win even if it means eight seed playoffs one and done! its about pride and winning and doing your best. Personally im damn sick of losing and I think if we made the playoffs that would be huge. last years supposed tanking and draft proved that hope and dreams dont always work because the draft isnt guaranteed. The only thing guaranteed is effort and these Raptors lately are playing TREMENDOUS team ball and effort. Ill gladly take 9th place and give away our pick but at least Ill know I had a team that was in it to the end and respectable to watch.

I agree with you as well. Personally, i don't care about building a championship contender because that requires such a fluke and won't happen within the next 3-4 years. Life is too short to root for wins 5 years down the line. I just want entertaining, winning, basketball.

But this question was more for the guys that keep saying they want to give the worst lottery pick possible, like it makes a difference to us where OKC picks...
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