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Default Re: LeBron James right now is the best player of all time

Originally Posted by Budadiiii
Since when is LeBron some winner whos gonna steal all the ships from guys?

He FINALLY won a ring after consecutive years of utter failure? The only reason the guy cares about championships is because of the media and all the pressure put on him. He wants to "fit in" with guys like Kobe and MJ and be considered a "winner" Difference is... winning is in MJ and Kobe's blood... only reason LBJ gives a **** about winning now is because of the media/fan pressure. He wants to be liked and fit in. Dude aint a natural killer. He's just as manufactured as Justin Bieber. You really think LeBron has it in him to sustain that incredible drive he had? Its a once in a life time motivation, he will never reach that again. And to barely scrape by against the Pacers and Celtics and beat an inexperienced/over matched Thunder makes this dude the greatest thing since sliced bread?

**** outta here.
Hmm, ok? Having a meltdown or what? Lebron has been to the finals 3 times and got 1 ring at 27. You can't seriously expect championships right and left from the Cavs days with that roster. He has had an amazing career so far, don't know what more you can expect.
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