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Default Re: Article: Dwight Howard is at center of the Lakers' issue

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
More here:

I feel angry towards Dwight as well, but then again I don't really like Bill Plaschke. Take it for what its worth.

Not a bad read however what is missing is WHAT is the coach doing to get him involved in the offense, if all he really does is run down court to watch teammates jack up 3's while he gets 5-10 shots, that is not going to make him happy nor energized, If Dwight is energized he can lift the whole Shaq would say, you gotta feed the BIG DOG and then everyone else can eat.
I shudder to think if 'Antoni was coaching the Lakers during Magic's early years when he couldn't shoot, the coach would've had him air balling 3's and then benching him

Take what they do well and where they play well from.....and use them that's really not that hard.
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