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Default Re: Can someone explain to me...

Im not looking to bag on anyones comments as everyone has their opinion. But man im tired of hearing about ways to lose and reasons to lose. F*ck that you think the players are in their talking about hey guys lets lose a few games so that we can have a shot at Andrew Wiggins? These guys are balling right not. Davis and Amir are ballin there asses off. Demar is steppin up. Anderson is beasting this dude can ball. Calderon diddo. And thats that we got a stud center sitting on the bench and 7ft 1st round trade bait too.

Anyways have to get that off my chest cuz i read a commnent about winning culture.

I have to say you dont build a winning culture by losing. And you dont become a playoff type team or one that makes the finals without first having made the playoffs first round exit or not. I just want to see this team in the playoffs again please. Chicago was first round fodder for years before they put it together. Philidelphia diddo. Indiana wasnt a powerhouse ala oklahoma overnight. LA Clippers has some growing pains and traded for oe player that made them great, Chris Paul. Memphis signed Randolph as a free agent that put them up there. If you win players will sign here bottom line.
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