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Default Re: North Korea plans nuclear tests aimed at U.S.

Originally Posted by Godzuki
its because they're pissed we pushed harder sanctions on them for their successful rocket test. they're not going to do shit but i sort of hope we do something at some point since you don't make threats like that to a country much more powerful than you are.

what trips me out is our intel was so sure that NKorea's tech was unable to have a successful missile launch, while our country was mocking them based on that intel, and they surprise everyone, and now they're a big deal. our intelligence agencies better get their shit together since they talked so sure of themselves earlier that NKorea didn't have the capabilities

It's hilarious that you write "us" when you write about the US and "them" when you write about the koreans. You're a korean, you're not american even how much you'll try to be one so stop being so delusional.
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