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Are the Raptors missing that 1a type guy, Sure they are but it doesnt mean they dont have a good team. And at the current pace I wouldnt bet on that type player coming from the draft. So maybe we can all throw out what if this. or what if that. The reality is that player will more than likely have to come via trade i.e someones overpaid player (Gay), unhappy player (Chris Paul traded to clippers from New Orleans) & (vince carter traded for golfballs to New jersey by toronto), Bad attitude player (zach randolph traded to Memphis from Clippers for Quentin Richardson), new managment direction player no longer needed ( Pau Gasol when he played for Memphis and was traded to LA) & (Kevin garnett traded to Celtics from Minnesota) or the riskier expiring deal contract (carmelo anthony traded to new york from Denver) ill stop here.

I know my hoops bro. At this point Its way more realistic that we trade for a stud then we draft one. Sorry bro otherwise you have good points on just not with you on blowing this thing up and hoping we can repeat what oklahoma did(once in a lifetime draft super team) and get Durant, westrook, ibaka, harden. Not gonna happen again for a long time bro.
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