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Dude seriously I know you have good intentions and a well thought out rebuild plan but youre about 2 years too late. Your plans dont reflect the strength or reality of the current Raptors team. This team as is can and mark my words will get you anywhere from 32-41 wins. Thats not bad enough to get you a top 5 pick so your plan although its great in theory and should have been followed 2 years ago its not realistic today. They say one star player can add 10 wins to your end of season total then if we did make a trade as per my previous posts this team becomes a 42-51 win team. Im by no means a mediocrity type thinker but ill take that type of team for awhile at least i can stop hearing all the jokes about how the Raps suck.

All i have to say about Demar DeRozan is look at the following clip:
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