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Default Re: Jets open to trading Revis

Revis ya gotta go. I love you on my team but your salary demands every couple of years are b!tch. You deserve to get paid as much as you can I understand but it cant be the Jets at this point. 39 mill over the cap at this point.

IMHO no CB is ever worth 17mill a season. Trade him take the cap hit this season let someone else pay him. A franchise QB gets that kind of money no other player should get that much under any circumstances these days.

For those that complains about the 6 mill he's making this season how much did he get paid in the first part of that contract? He's taken 2 front loaded contracts and then complains about the last year utterly ridiculous.

This teams is devoid of talent so lets get multiple picks, a player or 2 and start all over again. This team is old and crusty time to start all over again.

Time to blow this crap up!
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