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Default Re: Can someone explain to me...

Originally Posted by bokes15
Like I said, for my part I get what you're saying, but I just wonder how likely it is for things to happen that way. A new GM comes in, decides to keep 2-3 players from the roster and get rid of everyone else, we suck for 3 years and get 3 top 5 picks, and then we have the core for a contender?
Probably not very likely at all, unfortunately.

Look at Charlotte. From all reports when Rich Cho was hired there, he was going to get a long leash to rebuild properly and ownership would accept a couple losing seasons. Now there were those rumours of the Bobcats being interested in Rudy Gay (WTF). There is no way a GM who is rebuilding goes after Rudy Gay unless there is pressure from ownership to start winning. I envision the same thing probably happening with the Raptors.
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