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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets(26-16) @ Memphis Grizzlies(27-14), end of a hot streak?

Originally Posted by niko
It's also the battle of the all star snubbed centers. How Bosh is on the team and not Brook is beyond me. They have similar numbers and Brook gets double teamed and Bosh gets single always cause of Lebron. You can argue the intangible guys over Brook, but Bosh isn't any more an intangible guy then Brook and Brooks wins the numbers battle.
No offense to you're team but when does 12 points( all on alley oops and wide open passes) and 11 rebounds earn you an all-star spot. Tyson Chandler is a good player but not a star. He's probably the worst all-star in the last decade. Tyson rebounds and plays defense. He's not an all-star but congratulations to him and the Knicks.
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