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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

right around game time i got sucked in to a long phone conversation with a local friend.

the minutes kept ticking by and part of me kept saying "dude, the game is starting! the big game is starting!! PUT DOWN THE PHONE, ASSHOLE!"

and another side of me kept answering "son, you don't need to be watching this... you just don't need to be watching this, son."

anybody else feel that? it reminded me of when we had the big three (kidd, carter, RJ) and the media was making way too much of it for awhile. the press would start bugging other teams and other star players with "how do you feel about going up against the big three?" and they would generally be respectful, except for the time they asked shaq in miami.

somebody might know where this clip is specifically, but when the nets writer or a certain national writer asked shaq how he felt about facing the 'big three,' he held up his hands and pretended to shake them in terror and said "oooh.... the big three... i feel very nervous....!"

i'm still angry about all that and still halfway want shaq to die a horrible death for his merciless mockery, but... ehh... you get the point.
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