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Default Re: Anybody know any good documentaries?

As a docu lover I think all of these are horrible suggestions. I can't believe some idiots are recommending history docus as good ones LOL and I'm sorry Dear Zachary is a piece of sh*t. Here are the top vids I have seen that will truly blew your mind:

1. tallhotblonde

Wow is all I have to say. Ignore the title and try to watch it at least half way; in the middle there is something that happen. I'm betting since half of you can't get a girl in real life and prob are into that online dating crap, it'll literally make you sh*t in your pants. Great buildup; great surprise; awesome production. It is one of those docus that will make you think about it for days after seeing it.

2. Charles Ng

Another shocker that will make you sh*t in your pants. If you don't know who Charles Ng is, this is a must watch.

3. The Last Word

Easily one of the best docus ever made. The ending will surprise you.

These are only crime documentaries, which is probably the only reason why you should watch them; seriously, who the f*ck wants to watch a documentary about Africa. Lame.

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