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Post Re: Rate the bustinBytches songs

Originally Posted by NauruDude
newSong - Good song but shows some beginning struggles and their extensive drug using at the time. 5/10

ima buster - Greatly improved from their first song they play this song. WARNING!!! Sad song, can make you cry. - 8/10

Bonafied - Not good enough. Usually falls in the shadows of songs like Crytch and ima buster. - 3/10

bustedBytches - Great song. Like the riff at 1:25. Also how they use the vocals between 0:40-0:50 is magical. - 9/10

a Bytch lyfe - Good song. Bits and bobs which Eminem stole from this song. Also the best riff in the history of bustinBytches - 7/10

i know you bust me - NONONONONONO how can you make such a bad song. - 0/10

bustYourselfz - Nothing special, but not bad either. - 6/10

Without Bust - Love how they use the base in this song. - 8/10

Kill me a bytch 001 - Is spared of being the worst song only by i know you bust me. - 1/10

Bust Bytch Bust - Good singing technique but not much else. - 4/10

Crytch (christmas bytch) - GOAT. - 10/10

A bytch year - What they smoked while composing this I don't know but it ****ed them up. - 2/10

24Bytche - Like the gun sound. 8/10

BytchBall4Eva - Why they don't use more gun sounds I don't know. Rediculos. - 3/10

bytche callme - First amazing technobeat. deadmau5 style. - 9/10

sterobytch 0001 - HARDCORE. - 8/10

Onebytch2bytch - Nize. Lots of guns = success. Old skool shit. - 9/10

Bytch set me up - Off the charts. - 15/10

Bytches - I thought they had quit (LEAKING). Nice to see sum shit from them again tho I hate the LEAKERS. Aren't the members of bBytches in jail or are they out? - 7/10

Average rating - 6.4/10

bytch tmies my favorite all times bustinbytches song ,perefct song to make an album out , and the best album ivever have listened to!! 10/10

Bytch back bust back man what i can say bbytch are fk** back !! these sa good song and a start to album 7/10

Ill Bagg of bustinBytchesthese a nice on e, good baets , a good riff , a good lrics , a very nice song to album 8.5/10

Krinla fight ft tommy baggman these probly the best song all time to bustinbytches ..two bests hip hop in iceland make a song together and baggman and bustinbytches should maker an album together these a so good song.. so much bust .. but still cant not beat Crytch or BYtch times 9.5/10

Not invite BYTCH VEREEY NEW and a verry good need listen to the lyrics more , and beats , i dont know how eminem will answer to these ... i think this well be one there biggest songs to clubs.. but aim eminem fan i have to say that the fk**him up 9/10

average grade : 8.5
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