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Default Re: North Korea plans nuclear tests aimed at U.S.

Originally Posted by DCL
North Korea is a joke. They got squat. They don't even have machinery for 19th century farming. So why is the US so afraid of this tiny ass weakling?? The're cockroaches.. they just don't pose a real threat.

the media keeps bringing our attention to nothing.

The USSR, on the other hand, during the cold war, they were serious muscle mofo's. their weapon technology were legit and on par or even better than the US's. but the soviet disbanded and russia is different now. the real major military power now is actually china, but they own all our fking bonds. they ain't going to start anything with the US and consequently burn their own money. everything is too globalized.

but north korea??? it's a joke that so much attention is given to them.

South Korea is like the Israel of Asia. I think it's more about the US using SK as a hub to keep an eye on China and Asia, and somewhat about keeping Chinese influence out of SK. NK is a nice buffer between SK and China. Because NK exists, the US still has a reason to keep a shitload of troops/bases in SK. If SK takes over NK, or if they merge, Korea will most definitely seek military independence from the US, and the US will lose their main military hub in East Asia. There will also be no buffer between China and SK anymore. Korea will also become much more powerful, NK is actually a lot bigger than SK. I think the #1 thing that the US is worried about is Korea, Japan, and China creating a "big 3" axis power. Although these countries have a rocky history, it would be fairly easy for them to form an economic/militaristic triad with NK out of the way or assimilated. The US would be in a looooooot of trouble if this were to happen. Just my take on it.
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