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Default Re: North Korea plans nuclear tests aimed at U.S.

Originally Posted by DCL
there have been studies that show humans only feel "envy" relative to their peers. so, since DPRK is a communist country and everyone is supposedly more equal in terms of receiving the same style of life, there's a lesser sense of envy, which is the road to unhappiness. so when DPRK villagers receive jack sh!t from food rations from the government, they look around and see that everyone else all got jack sh!t as well, so they all just learn to deal with it... life sucks, but at least everyone's suffering the same in their eyes...

but down in hi tech south korea, it's a different and capitalistic nation so there's wide range of income inequality everywhere. some are living the high life, and some aren't. the good life is totally in front of their faces, but not all get to participate, so this easily makes the ones who aren't in it to feel left out. and maybe that's why suicide rates are higher in south korea...

Yeah man I think that's totally a major reason why. Plus, at the most basic level, when people are struggling, their survival instinct overpowers everything.
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