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Default Re: Jets open to trading Revis

Originally Posted by Rameek
Sorry there are no moves to make except this one. You obviously dont know the Jets situation because they are more than a few moves away. No QB, No pass rush, No LB's, 2 holes on the OL, 1 decent receiver, 1 decent TE, no RB.

Paying Sanchez mistake, cap situation abysmal.

There is no room to keep this guy. This team is no where remotely close to being a good team.

Time to dump and go! Rebuild!

I do know the Jets situation well and they aren't that bad of a squad with some nice players at certain positions. Problem is Mark Sanchez is awful considering the fact he's getting payed Franchise QB money which makes the money situation a strain on other positions.

Jets do have holes but it's nothing they can fix through the draft and through FA. If they get rid of Sanchez, Pace, Smith, Tebow and some others they can have around $21mil in cap space, with that amount they can surely fix many of their holes.

At QB get Alex Smith and he'll do everything Sanchez was expected to do and some. He'll also be a cheaper and obviously much better option at QB

RB is usually not a difficult position to fix and it can easily be addressed in the draft through the middle rounds. RB's are a dime in a dozen and a good running game is more dependent on the offensive system and the o-line in place.

WR was a horrible position for NY last year. Santonio Holmes was hurt the majority of the season and that obviously hurt them. Kerley came into his own last season and showed he can be a decent option and there's always the possibility of Stephen Hill a former 1st rounder making strides(He looked awful last year though) Jets can go sign someone like Amendola or Hartline who'll be solid additions and not coming near Jenning's or Wallace's pricetag, even bringing back Edwards at a cheap price isn't bad. A WR core of Holmes, Hartline, Kerley and Edwards isn't bad at all.. And keller is a good TE

The O-line has been poor for the Jets recently and especially at RT(but even Howard isn't that bad) Ferguson and Mangold are two of the best linemen in the game. Investing an early pick in a guard(2nd rounder) and signing someone would be the ideal situation. Wouldn't even be a bad idea going after Brandon Albert and plugging him in at RT.

Pass rush draft someone like Jones, Werner, Jordan or w/e player is there with their 1st pick.
Draft a replacement for Bart Scott in the 3rd round
Sign another LB(Paul Kruger would be sick)

Teams have shown they can retool through the draft and through cheap FA's. Look at what the Patriots did this season or what GB did with their defense.

Ideal draft
1st- Pass rusher LB
2nd- OG
3rd- MLB
4th- RB
5th- Safety
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