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Originally Posted by SCdac
I'm bored.. so lets hear it:

Lakers will go on a 10-game win streak this season. Fiction

DeJuan Blair will have another 20 point / 20 rebound game again (for any team). Fiction

One of James Harden, Andrew Bynum, Stephen Curry, or Blake Griffin wins MVP in 2014-2015. Fiction

Lebron James goes back to the Cavs at some point before retiring. Fiction

Andrew Bogut will play more than 70 games in a season. Fact

Derrick Rose will be just as strong as explosive as before, within 2 month of coming back. Fiction

Andrea Bargnani has another 40+ point game. Fact

Orlando Magic will draft another great center with the #1 pick within this decade. Fiction

If Kobe Bryant becomes an NBA coach, it's initially for a franchise that's not in California or Philly. Fiction

Dirk Nowitzki or Kevin Garnett will win another championship. Fiction

Ben Gordon in a few years (after current contract) will sign for cheap and be a useful piece on a championship team. Fact

Tracy McGrady TRIES to make an NBA come back (whether he fails or succeeds). Fiction

You will go to a game in the Madison Square Garden before you're 30. Fiction

Greg Monroe will be a top-5 big man within 2 seasons. Fact

An NBA player will break the record of 12 three's made in a single game, within the next 5 years. Fact

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