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Default Re: Who in here loves cats ..

Originally Posted by QUIZZLE
Cats are PHUCKING useless. They all make your house smell the same. They jump up on your kitchen counters, hide in random ass places, make your house smell like Monica Lewinsky's @sshole.

Dogs are 100000x better. No contest.

That is some real specific information there.

I used to have a cat and enjoyed her a lot. Now I have a dog and I like it much better. Gets totally psyched to see you when you've been away for a while, I met way more of neighbors as I walk around the neighborhood, (since we're New Yorkers we still often don't know each other's names, but I know their dog's names.) I can take my dog to my local bar and everyone there loves her.

I also have a particularly cute dog and if I was a single young man, I would look into getting a cute dog, I've had probably hundreds of women who want to meet my dog and it so much easier to talk to women who are already smiling and joyous. (She's a seriously cute dog, also since I live in an area with a tourists, there must be dozens of photos of her in Japan.)
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