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Default Re: Kobe is one of the most underrated passer....

Originally Posted by Rojogaqu11
He is underrated when talking about his passing skills and vision, but he's not great at balancing scoring with playmaking for others. He's always been 'bipolar' about the game. More often than not he has the me-first approach to the game, but there are some occasions where he will display that ability to set up others.
It's even more rare to see him in games such as last game against Utah where he completely lets the flow of the game sway him into a more balanced role. Threepeat and 2008 Kobe could do that just a little better.
We will see if he can sustain this approach as the season gets closer to the end.

This is pretty much how I feel, Kobe is talented in all of the skills of basketball, but he's never been a natural playmaker. He always appears to make his mind beforehand if he wants to pass or score, and he doesn't often make the decisions instinctively how someone like Lebron does for example.
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