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Default Re: Why is there always overreaction when the Lakers win ONE GAME??

Originally Posted by Mrofir
correct me if im wrong as I didn't watch the game

I agree with OP in general, but in this case it looks like Kobe was given Nash's role and Nash took more of a shooter\2nd facilitator role. If both players accept this role that will be a great starting point to winning games consistently. If they can then learn to swap roles fluidly, they will be in much better shape and perhaps be interesting to watch.


I said it the first game of the season that the Lakers should go to ISO Kobe ball and let him create like he did last year. I know his usage rate would go up and he's asking to do a lot more but this is when they were most successful.

The Lakers have a better record when Bickerstaff was the coach and all he did was run ISO Kobe and let him create and they had a winning record.

I say Nash can bring the ball up and play the PG but he must immediately pass the ball to Kobe in the post or let him create.
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