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Default Re: Why is there always overreaction when the Lakers win ONE GAME??

Originally Posted by 9erempiree

I said it the first game of the season that the Lakers should go to ISO Kobe ball and let him create like he did last year. I know his usage rate would go up and he's asking to do a lot more but this is when they were most successful.

The Lakers have a better record when Bickerstaff was the coach and all he did was run ISO Kobe and let him create and they had a winning record.

I say Nash can bring the ball up and play the PG but he must immediately pass the ball to Kobe in the post or let him create.

I basically agree with you, except your last sentence is true only in the sense that it is the only way for everyone to be engaged, and not that it's necessarily the most effective thing all the time. There are situations where Nash should be the primary playmaker, as an alternative. But for now it's best to keep things simple and Nash is able to adapt so..

edit: in the current system Nash could set a non existent record for secondary assists per game. That is, a pass that leads to an assist. That's what is going to be very effective for LA. Not just an immediate iso pass, but a Nash pass that gets kobe a split second ahead of his defender, so he can then facilitate for d12 or whoever, depending on how the defense reacts.

Laker's offensive options should be

1b (not the primary option, but the first in the sequence) - Nash PnR to set up Kobe or D12 or create a shot for himself
2a (the primary option) - Kobe in position to create following 1b, either backdoor assist, post assist, 3-pter, or create shot for himself
3c - Kobe iso
4d - Nash iso
5z - D12 postup

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