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Default Re: Why is there always overreaction when the Lakers win ONE GAME??

Originally Posted by Mrofir
I basically agree with you, except your last sentence is true only in the sense that it is the only way for everyone to be engaged, and not that it's necessarily the most effective thing all the time. There are situations where Nash should be the primary playmaker, as an alternative. But for now it's best to keep things simple and Nash is able to adapt so..

edit: in the current system Nash could set a non existent record for secondary assists per game. That is, a pass that leads to an assist.

I don't mean ISO Kobe full time because that's not good but on certain runs and situations, it's best to let Kobe create.

Late in the game or when the Lakers are making their run...they should definitely feed him the ball.

I don't know why people think Nash's offense and style would be more successful. Nash is a good 3point shooter and should just play that role, as he can hit the shot or penetrate from outside.
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