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Default Re: Why is there always overreaction when the Lakers win ONE GAME??

Originally Posted by Mrofir

Laker's offensive options should be

1b (not the primary option, but the first in the sequence) - Nash PnR to set up Kobe or D12 or create a shot for himself
2a (the primary option) - Kobe in position to create following 1b, either backdoor assist, post assist, 3-pter, or create shot for himself
3c - Kobe iso
4d - Nash iso
5z - D12 postup

I like this and think this should definitely be the order of attack but I also want to see more Kobe ISO because he can draw the double team and kick out. I think that is a better option than the PnR where it's 2 versus 2.

D12 is definitely last on the list.
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