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Default Re: Jets open to trading Revis

Knickballer football isnt madden 2012.... all the stuff you talking about doesnt happen in one offseason. The jets are about 39 mill over the cap... This team has no depth currently so if they cut all these players they have to be replaced by someone... There isnt one or 2 moves that can be done. This is a total turnover it will take a minimum of 2 years.

The next thing you have to understand that the Jets dont draft well in the Rex/Tannembaum era. I hope things change.

Your logic just doesnt work in a hard salary cap situation. The Jets should dump Revis for anything they can just to get rid of that money. Sanchez will be gone after next season.

You cant just say pick up this guy or trade for this guy we are OVER the cap.
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