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Default Re: What football position would you want to play the least?

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
Funny to see positions listed where you get to touch the ball. Not to knock anyone but if you're worried about getting hurt football is the wrong game.

I wouldn't want to be any kind of kicker (not involved enough) and I wouldn't want to be an offensive lineman (I'll block but that wouldn't be all I want to do). Wouldn't want to be the size of any kind of lineman really, couldn't imagine being 300+ pounds.

I just see the RB position as a spot on the field, as it pertains to guys who regularly tough the ball, as having the smallest window of "earnings potential." You are done at 30. QBs and WR's can play deep into their 30s, and oftentimes get to choose when to call it quits, as opposed to being told that they are done.

Here's another position. Long snapper. No one knows anything about you, until that one time you **** up.
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