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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Come on FC, please stop making everything about you! Exactly as beast has stated, this is very specific to brwnman. We have a bitter GM who now to compound the issue, won't set his lineup. And shocker the guy he wouldn't play is Cousins. You are actually whining because it might cost you a point...and then in the same breath saying I am doing things only to help my team. A tad hypocritical? Once and a while look at it from a league commish shoes and not just about you. I didn't analyze the impact of brwnman actually being a positive addition to the league and setting the lineup and how it might help or hurt teams. Normally I would never step in and do this, but we never had a GM behaving this way either. It's one thing if a GM just goes AWOL.....but in this case, brwnman is making the conscious choice not to set his lineup because of continued spite.
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