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Default Re: Tina Turner Renouncing U.S. Citizenship, Will Become Swiss Citizen

Originally Posted by 9512
If u think the US gov't is greedy, the new French president is taxing 75% of those who earn more than one million euros in income.

Several famous actors & entertainment industry have fled and moved to Belgium or Switzerland...

Gérard Depardieu made the most noise about it. First he was in Belgium then after finding out it was too much of a hassle to obtain Belgian citizenship, he went Russia where President Putin personally gave Depardieu Honorary Russian citizenship.

Lol @ this...

Even funnier joakim Noah's dad yannick has been living in Switzerland for over 20 years and yet endorsed that pinko president Hollande...
again, the idea that US taxes are out of line is a complete crock of shit. Not only are income taxes at the lowest rates since the 40s, income from dividends and other investments are taxed at a ludicrously low rate. Also, compare our tax rates with any other industrialized nation. Its all fear politics.

Frankly, we should have gone over the "cliff". The only way to come close to a balanced budget is raised revenue (from everyone) and cuts across the board. now the "temporary" bush cuts are permanent and we will never see any major cuts in DOD spending, regardless of what the sec of D recommends. Crock of shit.
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