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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by bokes15
^^ I sent you an acceptable offer that included a 7th round Kenneth Faried and it sat on the table for quite some time with no response.

you wanted Klay Thompson as well. not an acceptable offer. Cousins + Klay for Faried and Deng. I can't keep Deng unless I want him as a 3rd rounder. So pretty much I'm losing Klay for no reason. I also didn't reply to FC's joke of an offer. Nothing against you, but if I don't feel like it's worth it for me; I'm not gonna bother.

Also RF, thanks for more accusations. But I would think GM going AWOL is worse, because you just have a roster no one can make deals with AND he's not setting up his team. I make no effort to set my lineup because it doesn't matter to me for this year. If you guys want to kick me out, have a vote, whatever the case. I'm cool with that. Do what you gotta do. It's been 20+ pages of going back and forth; I'm tired of responding to ridiculous sh*t everyday.

sh*t like this
And shocker the guy he wouldn't play is Cousins.

I also didn't play Jordan Crawford - I haven't changed my lineup in a while. It's not specifically to keep Cousins out; I just had no interest to change my lineup when I had already set my lineup with Derrick Williams in the lineup. You reversed the trade, fix my lineup. I don't feel obligated to do so - it doesn't affect my team going into next year. If you guys can't get that, or don't agree with it; I can live with that...
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