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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

There is no hope for this mediocre season anyways. 10-18 against teams better than .500 is all that I need to say. 10 of our 18 losses has been by double digits. Anyways, I am taking a long ( possibly permanent) break from watching or reserving my passion and time into the Nets. I've been a passionate fan for exactly a decade and have watched too much mediocrity. Tonight was enough. After watching the Grizzlies pounce the Nets by 24, it's downright egregious for the Nets to lose by 13 the next night. That shows a lack of dignity and interest in their fans. The finals run was terrific but awful at the same time because it brought my emotions so high only to have no chance against the Lakers or the Spurs. I was a new Net fan then and after that the Nets went on to become a second round exit team to 12-70 to now only beating sub .500 teams.

When you stop playing hard and get blown out for the 10th time in 40 games,I disband my interest. Great Nets fans on this board and I'll possibly check back a couple of Times a month or until the Nets show that they care about they're fans. **** you Nets
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