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Default Re: Anyone train combat sports?

I loved everything about martial arts since age of 7 somewhere (i guess to much old school Jackie Chan/Bruce Lee movies that inspired me lol), i have tried pretty many..

Age 7-8 = Shotokan Karate
Age 8-12= Wing Chun Kung Fu
Age 12-13 = Kyokushinkai Karate
Age 13-18 = Tae Kwon Do
Age 18-22 = Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
(and tried some others aswell inbetween but shortly, like Krav Maga, JKD, Kenpo, Judo etc.)

..and now for a couple of years i have been doing only Muay Thai, except for the sparing i have no will for real combat (prized fighting, competition) and never had that intention with my training, i have been taught very differently... its just for the pure love for martial arts and ofcourse mental/physical prosperity.

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