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Default Re: Has monta Ellis lost a step?

Originally Posted by SacJB Shady
Yea they won. But watching him go to the rim, he seems a full step slower. Actually I see him settling most of the time for jumpers. See this is why athleticism is over rates because monta is only 27, so that means that when you get a young guy, he's only gonna be fast for a few years. Actually monta seemed slower last year on the dubs and may e this is why he's only shooting 40 percent.

Or maybe he doesn't train at 100 percent in the offseason. He doesn't look like his old self and it's noticeable. Also he doesnt seem to be as agressive. Conditioning could be why too. Hes naturally small and built for running but if hes settling for Jumpers it could be a conditioning thing. It's actually a little sad to see but I guess it happens.
nope...when you play on a team with very little perimeter threats those driving lanes are smaller and smaller and you meet more people at the rim. THat's why he is settlong more. He and Brandn jennings jabe to throw up alot of bad shots to make things happen offensively for milwaukee
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