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Default Re: Has monta Ellis lost a step?

Originally Posted by Rowe
He still looks like the same Monta but the entire team has been a terrible fit for him since the trade. Just the pace that they play along with how a Jennings/Monta backcourt complements each other far worse than Curry/Monta.

Monta also doesnt seem interested being there longterm. I read that he has been staying in a hotel since the start of the season instead of renting a house or mansion and hasn't brought his wife & son up to Milwaukee to see him play. Apparently he & his wife live in Memphis.
They have always live there even when the Warriors gave him his long term contract.Apparently his wife is a cop in in Memphis or some type of job like that.

But ya Monta is going to opt out for sure.I also think he wouldnt mind coming off the bench to be on a winning team.
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