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Default Re: Bobcats fans: thoughts on changing nickname back to Hornets?

My own opinion is that if mgmt is going to spend a penny on anything that it damned well better be spent on a top-notch coach and top-notch players. After nine years there is no reason for us to continue to 'start over.' That's bull crap. Albeit it's because of decisions made in past years by other folks but a name change isn't going to do a damned thing to make us a winning team. Whether we're the Hornets, Bobcats or Shitheads, if we keep doing stupid things like trading away Tyson Chandler, for example, or keeping Gana Diop, or 'building on young talent' we'll forever be in the gutter. That being said, the 4th quarter of last nights game against Minnesota was fabulous to watch.
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