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Default Re: Has anyone punched a girl in the face?

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
No, but I think they should repeal domestic violence laws or at least see them on a case by case basis (esrious) and enact emotional violence laws.

Punches may hurt for a little bit, but constant nagging and emotional browbeating can completely destroy a man or a woman's soul. And that sh!t is allowed completely due to this fukked up Law. Respect is paramount ofr creating a healthy civilization and the sheer amount of gossip, personal details and snarky comments passed about being perfectly acceptable and the fact that even a light controlled smack to a kid is SHEER EVIL really rustles my jimmies.

Many b!tches self-infllict scars and blame it on their innocent husbands if they can't get what they want. It is the most reprehensible conniving f*cking lie.

And many innocent women run back to alcholic husbands who smack them around and give them drama.

WOrld's a fukked up place.

But how would you police that without surveillance or some sort of accurate lie detector/mind reading machine?

And for lying about rape, I say make the punishment CRAZY harsh like 25 to L, or at least the exact same length of punishment as rape itself.
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