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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
This is the most stacked Nets team in its franchises history. If $330 million gives you a 10-18 record against over .500 teams that means fans can't even watch games when the Nets play good teams.

This is not about losing. it's about getting blown out too many times. 10 Times in 44 games to be exact.

This is the best the Nets have been in a while. Are you expecting them to win a title in their first year or something? You're upset we lost to another over .500 team I understand that but there is no need to stop being a fan. In the end of the day were still 4th seed in the East and are going to be a playoff team. No one said we're going to contend in the first year. But its your choice. We've stuck through the Summer of 2010 where we got no superstars, instead we got Travis ****in' Outlaw and Johan Petro. We've stuck through countless episodes of Dwightmare and Melo-Drama that I've even lost count. We've stuck through the 12-70 season with the worst start in NBA history. I thought that Nets fans would be tougher then this but I guess I'm wrong. See you when we start winning again.
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