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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by MTing
I thought that Nets fans would be tougher then this but I guess I'm wrong. See you when we start winning again.
Like I said, it's not about losing. Its the way the Nets are losing. Out of our 18 losses, 10 have been be double digits. All of those losses to over .500 teams. That shows a lack of competitiveness. That is something that I will never watch. If you compete and lose, I'll be dismayed at the loss but I'll get over it. If you don't even show up and get blown out , which has happened 10 times already before all star break. And there's nothing anybody can do about the Nets lack of fire. Brook Lopez is not a competitive person. He never gets mad, I doubt he seriously cares about the amount of championships he wins, or even if he would like to win one. Joe Johnson is not a competitive guy. He is way to passive. Deron is slightly competitive but I wish he had the fire that Chris Paul has. Because if you were competitive, when the other team makes a run, you wouldn't CONSISTENTLY allow that run to balloon to 20 points like the Nets have done.

Do you know how frustrating it is to watch the Nets suffer a blowout loss every single time they lose. It's inexplicable. The Nets talk about getting 52 wins, winning their division and not losing two in a row and yet 60% of their losses have ranged from 10 points to 29 points. I'm sorry but I will not deal with professional athletes not showing up to play every single time they play a good team. 10-18 against over .500 teams.
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