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Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
Yes he would have chance of winning MVP if they reach F4 but there would be othere players who would have chance of winning it too .

Siena has zero chance of making the final four on their own merit, but the refs are clearly pushing them extremely hard.

They also had about zero chance of making the quarterfinals on their own merit, until the refs gifted them 2 games in Top 16. Although they still might not make it.

First counting a basket by Brown 2 seconds after time expired against Olympiacos, and then choosing to not call an intentional and unsportsmanlike like foul on Hackett against Vidmar, after he hit him in the face, at the end of the game against Besiktas.

2 games that were extremely influenced and/or decided by unbelievable ref calls, which points to an extreme push by Euroleague to get this team to keep advancing.

I don't know if it is Euroleague's way of trying to cover up all the stuff about mafia and Siena and stealing the 2-3 billion euros or what. Maybe they are worried with this getting out that it will look like Siena was buying wins all these years.

But then why would their solution be to push them by refs? Maybe Siena paid more to the refs this year and to Euroleague and that was why they really cut their budget, trying to buy the title.

Anyway, as it seems from the latest reports, that club's ownership is in huge trouble with the law over all the money laundering investigations.

It is extremely sad that Euroleague is pushing this mafia related team so hard.

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