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Originally Posted by gabepizza
I didn't realize that making the final four was a prerequisite for making the final four so yeah he is not a lock but if he does make the final four he would be deserving of the MVP as well I believe.

There is no such prerequisite. You have to make the Top 16 to qualify for the MVP award, not the final four.

But the simple fact is that the voters are never going to vote in anyone who did not make the final four, because that would be a highway robbery. So you have to make final four to actually win it, not to qualify for it.

For example, the fan vote can be gotten. He could win the fan vote without making it. But not the media vote.

Giving the MVP to someone who did not make the final four would be the equivalent of giving the MVP to an NBA player that did not make the playoffs.

Sure, it could happen and is possible, but it's simply not actually going to happen. Even though you can win the fan vote without doing so, the media voters won't have it. Because it would be hugely unfair and a travesty.

That's why Euroleague changed the rules on their old MVP awards. Because guys like Sabonis were winning MVP awards without even going past the Top 16. So they realized they needed to make different rules and set specific criteria on the award to stop that kind of stuff. So the media can't just vote by whatever they feel like.

They have a basic understanding that they should not really consider someone unless they make the final four.

Also, you don't understand how Euroleague MVP voting works. They just look at who made final four then pick whomever they like personally and for whatever reasons.

Teodosic was very debatable whether he deserved MVP.

Navarro did NOT deserve it when he won it.

Kirilenko did NOT deserve it when he won it.

Parker's MVPs were both very highly questionable as he was not even the best player on his own team.

Papaloukas deserved it when he won it, but it was still a bit debatable.

The only clear cut times that the guy that won the award without question deserved it was when Diamantidis and Siska won the award.

The media voters are definitely extremely subjective on that award and the fans getting 1/4 the vote does not help the matter. Bobby Brown will win that award only by making the final four, and also being someone that the fans and media voters like.

Otherwise, he's not sniffing that award.

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