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Default Re: Hi, my name is Riddler and I'm an alcoholic (Been to a few AA meetings recently)

AA is complete bullshit dude, it controls with fear, hardly anything it teaches is real life, all it tries to make people do is shelter themselves from the world and withdraw from real society into AA society.

Also what is considered a hardcore alchoholic in USA is a p*ssy lightweight in the UK, all these people could drink most American AA clowns under the table and British society is functioning relatively well.

Drinking alot and getting blackout drunk is frowned upon in the US, in the UK it's a normal night in, and they don't need these AA meetings to survive.

AA is just an indirect attempt at pussifying American culture. Don't fall for the bullshit

I know AA is brainwash because I went to a rehab treatment center based on AA for 1 year when I was 15, and saw how they brainwashed kids, it even worked on me for a year, when I got out I was sober for a year not even smoking cigs, but realized it's bullshit to let drugs and alchohol control your life through fear (which is what AA brainwashes people into believing) and I started functioning at a higher level and achieving much more in all aspects of my life.

Basically AA encourages people to be a shut in and only hang out with other indoctrinated shut ins.

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