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Default Re: Better floor leader: Jordan or Magic?

Originally Posted by Psileas
It's not that much the old age, it's the mileage of a team that reaches to the NBA Finals year after year after year and rests way less than the average. The Lakers from 1982 to 1989 missed the Finals only once. In 1990, they were at least as good as in 1991, and they still lost to the Suns. Add this to the fact that players like Kareem and McAdoo were definitely old and Magic, though almost 31 in 1991, was already in his 12th season, and this makes the team way older than its players' ages show. By contrast, among the 1991-98 Bulls, I can only recall one player who played all these 8 years with the team, Pippen, and even he, by 1998, wasn't the same player he was in the first half of the 90's.
Of course, the 1991 Lakers weren't the Showtime Lakers for the reasons you mentioned, unless we also call the 1990 Bulls or the 1995 Bulls "prime Bulls".
And then I could come back with the fact that the Lakers never really had a serious rival in the west during the 80s. The Celtics did have to battle the Sixers, then the Bucks, then the Pistons.
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