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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

I don't really use pistols. Only in Sharpshooter. When people put on a pistol only class it typically means that they go into an objective mode and just ignore it and get behind people for easy kills. They get me in Domination, but try that in TDM and I'll put my AN-94 right to their head.

But as far as the Trip Cap challenge, you need a map that is big enough to allow proper spacing, AKA not Hijacked, while small enough to allow for help to arrive if a teammate is in trouble. I don't know how we did it GOBB. It was you, me, and impeccable one I think with 3 randoms and somehow we were able to hold the other team off. Only two of them ended up ragequitting with a minute left as well. Of course the randoms probably said, "Yes! Finally a game where we can camp our asses off and not be yelled at by the players who are actually good!"

I think its best to run non lethal streaks (UAV, CUAV, VSAT, EMP) or map control streaks (Guardian, Sentry, Stealth Chopper) and when patched Lightning Strike. That thing is like a get out of jail free card when trying to trip cap in Domination.
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