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Default Re: Melo has 43 on 3 free throw attempts.

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
Melo doesn't have Westbrook therefore he can shoot all he wants.

I only watched the last 7 minutes of the game so I couldn't tell you if he was being aggressive enough in order to draw fouls. Are the Knicks like 8-0 when Melo scores 40? geez.

Considering Melo hit like 10 threes obviously he wasn't l iving in the paint but he's a significantly more physical player than KD who draws most of his fouls on jumpers anyways. 3 free throws would probably be KD's career low. Wind blows, KD falls down. Then he grabs a player around the neck and gets away with it after being humiliated. Gotta love the guy.
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