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Default Re: If the Thunder and Heat meet again in 2013 ....

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
Even with Wade injured and having his worst finals performance of his career, OKC could only muster 1 win. Now MIA is deeper than they were last year. Who's checking Ray on OKC's second team?

OKC making the finals again this year just means back-to-back finals MVPs for Bron, that's all.
you're trolling if you think rayray cant be covered by derek fisher when he missed 12 straight 3s in the finals since we're on the topic of that, teams score a lot easier on the heat when ray allen is on the court.

they mustered 1 win because lebron was allowed to hack durant in the final 5 seconds of a game. i guess stern thought he was extending the series. or maybe he just got tired of hearing about lebron choking in the finals. wade had his worst finals because he had to cover westbrook. sure, read me his injury history, as if everyone else was playing 100% at the end of a season.

lebron is 0-2 in full season finals
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