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Default Re: Why Isn't Miami a Dominant Team?

Originally Posted by Roundball_Rock
They aren't dominant. They went 58-24 in 2010, were on a 57 win pace in 2011 over 82 games and are on pace for 57 wins this year. They were the #2 seed in their own conference in 2010, 2011 and may be again this year when Rose returns . It is surprising they have been this good but not taken the step to dominance over the past 2 1/2 seasons. This, to a degree, is due to things mentioned in this thread, i.e. their weak roster outside the "Big 3", but I think a lot of it simply is a lack of motivation. They don't care too much about the regular season. They will take their 55-58 wins and the 2 seed and turn it on in the playoffs. This is one reason the 1996 Bulls record may stand forever: even if a future team has the capability to exceed it, having the will to do so is another thing. What made the 1996 and 1997 Bulls win 72 and 69 respectively is Pippen and Jordan hated to lose and played 100% every night, whether they were playing the Knicks or the Raptors. That level of intensity is hard to maintain over an entire season.
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