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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Originally Posted by Maniak
Disagree so much.

That's the argument but it did too much and made zerg too good against early harass.

That's not a little change it changed the scene entirely. Not as big as what's going on in HotS mind you but HotS is beta so that's understandable.

Try playing terran.

Try playing terran.

Agreed a little bit. Some of their initial ideas were so awful (moving burrowed banelings)

Maybe you misunderstood but constantly evolving in terms of changes made for balance is what i meant. How is that a good thing?

Except zerg had no early harassment to speak off so that's a fair trade.

Did you really just say trying playing terran without even trying to explain yourself? Yes terran only technically have one extremely powerful new unit that requires no micro at all whilst forcing the opponent to constantly micro for it.

Terran had the most balanced units in term of the race that addition new units just seemed redundant i.e. the mini thor warhound or the OP shredder. But lets not act like the battle hellions are useless or the new medivac ability, the new thor ability, reaper and imrpoved raven.

You have so much more early game potential and meta game whilst zerg still have the exact same meta game as far as i know. Why? because all the units come after lair (SH) and hive (viper/ultra).
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