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Default Re: Article: Dwight Howard is at center of the Lakers' issue

Originally Posted by DKLaker

Hmmmmmmm........."Antoni came here because he was unemployed and all the other teams were too smart to consider him. He was shocked he got the job because he knows he sucks. what would YOU do if someone offered you millions of guaranteed dollars to do a job you couldn't do worth a sh!'d take it.....I'd take it......who hates free money......other than that Capital one baby

One concession, Dwight;s hands look like they were cloned from Kwame I would love to coach him, I'd yell in his ear so hard it would blow....Squeeze the Fking ball, its not a fking egg for christ sake!!!!

lol Well it looks like someone must have yelled plenty in Dwight's ear before these last two games. Seems like they yelled at Antoni too. Great offense, and good defense. If Dwight just does the dirty work like he's done these past few games, not only will his stat sheet look amazing, but we will win.

Im hoping Pau's success isn't much of a fluke either. If he plays like this, maybe we don't trade him.
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