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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by DKLaker think we will be MORE successful if we have a center with no offense???
I'm complete puzzled by how that's supposed to work.....but let's see....we continue to jack up shots from 3, Chandler gets a few boards and we win right??? Ok, please explain how when Dwight has put up huge points plus rebounds we still managed to lose or win close ones......we'd get those rebounds but less than half the points. Seriously, I'm not following you.....Not bashing you, just fail to see the logic here.

At this point I think we'd have better luck trading everyone including Kobe for a bunch of shot jackers,,,,I think that's all 'Antoni is capable of coaching......If we are keeping 'Antoni we may as well do this.....either way we have no chance in hell of winning a title.....that's my OPINION.

Well I made that point was because of these two reasons. To put it simply:

1) D'Antoni doesn't like posting up


2) Chandler doesn't post up.

Most of Dwight's points came off of alley oops from Kobe and Nash. Something Chandler is more than capable of doing.

But now that the lakers have beaten two playoff teams consecutively, I'd like to reserve my judgement more.

Im liking the Dwight Howard of these last two games. Im liking the Kobe Bryant that facilitates. Im also liking Nash scoring a bit more. When he starts scoring, that becomes too much for other teams. And Ron-ron is playing great as hes been all season so no need to mention there.
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