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Default Re: Why Isn't Miami a Dominant Team?

Yea, how can you not call this team dominant? Their first year they go to the Finals, beating a very good Celtics and Bulls team.

They basically implode in the Finals, due to Bron just going into casper status, otherwise this season they would be going for a very likely three peat.

Last year they survived a tough road in the playoffs with their 2nd best player Wade being hurt, and third best player Bosh missing the vast majority of the playoffs and not 100%, either.

They had their backs on the line in a series against the most dominant eastern conference team of the past 5 - 6 years, and took an all-time level performance from LeBron.

And then beat one of the most talented Finals competitors in recent memory.

But seriously 2 straight Finals trips since this roster's inception, a likely 3rd trip. They should already have two rings. They coast in the regular season, but they turn it up int he playoffs.

Originally Posted by Y2Gezee
But bottom line is...those penciling in the Heat to a title or at least to the Finals may be in for a rude awakening.
LOL ... who on earth in the Eastern Conference scares the Heat? Especially w/ Rose out for the Bulls, and now Rondo out for the Celtics?

You seriously don't think the Pacers could give the Heat a run? They couldn't do it last year with Bosh missing, and Wade inconsistent due to injury.

The Knicks have a small prayer if they catch absolute fire for a series from deep.

The one team out West who could've beat the Heat, got worse by trading James Harden.
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